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On Saturday, February 9th, Clan Logan attended the first edition of the BlackWatch Highland Ball. It was an impressive event, held at the BlackWatch Armoury that paid tribute to Scottish traditions. We had the Adress to a Haggis, The BlackWatch Pipes and Drums and got to see some Scottish Highland dancing. Clan Logan was present
with Yanice Artigny, a member, who participated in this Ball for the first time.Our Clan spent time with The Black Watch Women's Division and looks forward to attending their events and supporting their efforts to help the BlackWatch soldiers.Clan Logan would like to thank The Royal BlackWatch Regiment of Canada for such a wonderful

Clan Logan

Yanice Artigny and Steven Logan

BlackWatch Women's Divisio

Clan Logan with the BlackWatch Women's Division.

   From left to right: Chantale ménard, Yanice  

   Artigny, Steven Logan, Mireille gravel Mclellan

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