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Celebrating Canada Day 2022 at the Legion
by Steven Logan

This year, I have to say I was greatly disappointed. Each year, I attend the Montreal Canada Day parade. I take out my Logan banner and march right down the street in order to give our Clan great visibility. 

This year, organizer Caroline Polksac told me that there was no parade. Heritage Canada has refused funding for an event that was essentially done with volunteers. There were a few Canada day events here and decided to look into something different.

Luckily, I always seem to find something to do to promote Clan Logan. One of my contacts at the Verdun branch #4, Howie Curotte told me that the Legion was doing a little something. On July 1st, 2022, I went to meet the veterans, shake their hands and wish them a happy Canada day of behalf of our Clan and offer much needed support. Clan activities are more than Highland Games and events here and there, it's about meeting people who share our Logan values and follow our motto Hoc Majorum Virtus, This is the Valour of my ancestors. 

It is in our mandate to meet various people in different communities doing different things
and making them aware that our Scottish Clan is around and doing its part. Connecting with people, sharing our ideas and making them aware that we are active and still looking for our Scottish Chief.

It was nice to connect with my Legion. When I arrived, I was greeted by Howie who was seated with his best friend Pette. I spent the afternoon talking to these fine gentlemen as other people arrived to celebrate Canada Day. On this day we celebrated what Canada was really about, its people.


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