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Warrant officer Strull leaves the Regiment

By Steven Logan


Clan Logan headed for the Régiment de Maisonneuve on Cathcart street in Montreal on
June 11th, 2022. As Clan Logan Commissioner of Canada, I think it is very important
to renew ties we have with different people and groups. You just never know where 
things may lead. By mingling, it's a great way to find out about new events and find
out about what a given group is doing. I like to know things about the people around
me and have various experiences.


We haven't spent time with The Régiment de Maisonneuve since January 2020's levée event before the pandemic. On this special occasion, warrant officer Harold Strull was celebrated in the Forbes room for his 35 years of service with the Regiment and the Royal 22nd. He has decided to move on to other projects .He wants to focus on his career in real estate and his family.

There was a presentation and the warrant officer received many documents. he got a very nice 
thank you diploma for his many years of service and even received a letter from Premier
Justin Trudeau and our prime Minister of Québec, François Legault. There were flowers and

Clan Logan isn't well known within the regiment so this was a good opportunity to wish the
Warrant officer well in his future projects while renewing ties and showing visibility for Clan
Logan. When I arrived, a young man answered the gate. I later found out after speaking to him
that he is the son of Capt.Patrick Barriault, William, who has joined the same regiment as his father. 

I should have known better really, he looks a lot like his dad! I enjoyed speaking with him, he struck me as a young man with a lot of promise, a really good person. How his father must be proud of him! He was one of those discoveries of the day.

 It goes without saying that it was a very surprising moment to see me arrive, suddenly pop up
as no one knew who I was, what I was doing there or what I represented. A total stranger just 
showed up for a reasons unknown to them. It is very important that our Scottish 
Clan meets up with different people doing different things and celebrating what we believe in 
and our motto, Hoc Majorum Virtus, this is the valour of my ancestors. 
We must seek out all opportunities for visibility and build bridges. We have been in the dark for too many years. Let them all know we are active and well. We sometimes get a rather cold, uncaring and indifferent reception, but we are making our own difference and we are seen. That is very important. If we know what we are doing and the reasons, that is all that matters.

 I spoke to Harold Strull briefly thanking him for his years of service and giving
him salutations on behalf of all Logans everywhere for his achievements. His ancestors past,
present and future are surely very proud! I then said goodbye thanking the Regiment, leaving the officers and people present to enjoy the rest of their event.



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