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horses Moncton Highland Games 2022

Greater Moncton Highland Games 2022
by Steven Logan

Clan Logan Moncton New Brunswick 2022 Highladn games

As the month of June rolled in, all of us at The Clan Logan Society of  Canada started to get excited about the next event to come. This month, I had the pleasure to attend The Greater Moncton Highland Games on June 17th to the 19th, 2022 at the Hal Betts Sportsplex grounds.


This was a first representation for Clan Logan in the Maritimes. As Canadian Commissioner, I always welcome new opportunities to get our Clan known and who knows, potentially recruit Representatives here in time. 

I dream of having Representatives of Clan Logan in each Canadian province to one day give the future Chief of Clan Logan in Scotland a truly Canadian team to work with. I travel here and there to find Logans who share the same passion for their heritage, ancestry and traditions. We must preserve and share our past history, live the moment and start creating a new history so that the new generation have something to believe in. 

We must get people to understand that the notion of ''clan'' isn't derelict and that
it can still mean something in today's world. 
Let's get together and create a future generation of Logans proud of themselves, who know their past and what they stand for ready to tackle what the future may hold. Let's rebuild our Logan community together. This is why hosting and doing events is so important.


I will continue to work as hard as I can for all Logans in Canada and elsewhere. Our Clan was unknown in Canada before 2007 when I started. I have managed to be visible in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and now New Brunswick. Moncton received us very well and I was proud of offering Clan visibility here.

This year was a big one for The Greater Moncton Highland Games. After a 2 year hiatus they were back and this time had the Scottish Masters Athletics International 2022 Masters World Championships. Nearly 200 of the world's strongest heavy events athletes came to Moncton to participate. The President of the event, Murray Maclean was pleased to see Clan Logan as like in many games, it is very difficult to get Clans to participate due to inflation, cost of gas and transport and the pandemic situation.

On Friday the 17th of June, I came to do my set up. I brought my newest displays in order to wow visitors and passers by I stayed a little then left to relax for the following day. The following morning, I got up and participated in the Clans parade that started at the Moncton market. Bagpipers were getting ready and we were lining up when I noticed a familiar was Michael Yellowlees!! Some time ago, I had participated in the Burns Night for The Montreal Saint Andrew's Society and Mr.yellowlees was the guest of honour. Michael was the Chieftain of the games and led the parade right to the games. Clan Logan made
an impressive entrance.

As I hosted that day, I was asked to participate in the Haggis ceremony. I brought the haggis into the field so that the ode to a Haggis may be done to a very cheerful crowd. As the day passed, I continued hosting and a man came to see me, he was wearing a Logan ancient tartan kilt and had all types of badges sewn on it. Dayle Geyman , of Logan decent, attended to participate in the World Championships and he made a record!  I also had a surprise visit of Jacques MacNicol who will host at my Montreal games!!

The day passed very fast and I was able to rekindle ties to many Clans while there. Interestingly, Clan MacPhie was there and I was able to catch up with them, the last time being in Fergus 2 years before. They also stayed at the same hotel so I benefited from MacPhie hospitality, getting a lift here and there and help bringing things to the Games. 


At the hotel, I had a drink with Gary MacPhie and he told me he was greatly impressed with what I've been doing with Clan Logan and the constant visibility I've been giving our Clan. He was impressed with the devotion and hard work put in. The Clans have noticed, it seems. Like I tell people, you only ever get what you put in. No time for excuses but plenty of time to make a difference. I want us to become a recognized Clan again. That doesn't happen by not participating in various initiatives.

On the second day of the Games, I met many people a certain Nicole Peppard came, her mother was a Logan and she was extremely surprised to see Clan Logan at this event. She told me she hopes to see us again, more  frequently across Canada. I had the pleasure of telling her what the name Logan meant, where we come from and give her additional details she knew nothing about. Seeing distant cousins always pleases me. After an excellent second day of games, I tore down my displays, packed and hitched a ride with Gary MacPhie
back to the Hyatt Moncton Place, I had accomplished what I was to do there this year. He asked about the Montreal Highland Games as Clan MacPhie just might come.. we will see!

Many thanks to the greater Moncton Highland games for such a successful event!

Clan Logan Moncton 2022
sheep Moncton highland games 2022

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