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Hogman-eh! '21 Reconnect and Rejoice  2021

                           by Steven Logan

On December 31st, 2021,Clan Logan attended the much awaited Hogman-eh! Reconnect and rejoice event held by the Ottawa Scottish Society. It's no secret that 2021 hasn't been the best
year and we were really looking forward to an uplifting event we would always
remember. It was widely advertised and emails were sent to the Scottish community.
A blog post on their website offered additional content and Clan Logan was mentioned
taking part in their Clans and Societies corner. We were extremely moved and grateful
for the consideration and visibility given in these difficult times. The Ottawa Scottish
Society delivered Hogmanay in a big way this year.

They managed to get an impressive line up of very talented performers that knew how to 
make us proud of our Celtic roots and promote our Scottish traditions helping us ring 
in 2022.This free event had something for everyone. The talented Bobby Watt was the MC
for the evening and even offered us a performance. We also greatly enjoyed the music
done by the ladies of the Fem Fiddle fest and The Glengarry Pipe band. This event explained
what Hogmanay, offered us some poetry and also gave us beautiful, breathtaking Scottish 
landscapes to see and castles. There was a great mix of traditional and modern musical 
influences like the red Hot Chili Pipers, Elephant Session, the Proclaimers, Michael Yellowlees and even Allan Frew and Sam Reid of Glass Tiger. This event required a lot of time, thought and organization. It ended on the most fantastic note, that of seeing Edinburgh's Hogmanay Midnight Moment Fireworks call in the New Year.

So many people came together and we warmly thank The Ottawa Scottish Society and
all partners for making it happen. Clan Logan looks forward to participating in other events
and bringing it's own contribution. We hope to participate with the Ottawa Scottish community in the future as they have more than adequately prepared us for 2022.


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