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94th annual Red Hackle event

           by Steven Logan

On January 16th, 2022,  I had the pleasure to attend the Red hackle event held by the
Toronto Black Watch Association. I had always wanted to attend it in the past but time and
circumstances never made it happen. This year it was virtual so it gave me an opportunity
to participate for Clan Logan, the Black Watch Family Division and Veteran's Association.

Attendees could log on a little earlier for a social before the event took off which was
refreshing. William Carlisle, TBWA President, greeted everyone that came.The number of
attendees gradually went up to 76 but we were much more because some people were together in their family units so it is estimated that attendance was in the 150 range.Although this was the 94th annual edition, it was only the second time they really had an event like this one. We were able to mingle and see many friends and acquaintances that we would usually meet up with at real events.

Lt.Col.Bruno Plourde spoke about The trail which supports veterans and first responders who are homeless, have mental issues and need assistance.It acts as a bridge between various Veteran associations. Bruno gave us a presentation that was very passionate. Lieutenant Colonel Morische,CD made the toast to The Queen and there was one for Prince Charles who is the Commander and Chief of The Black Watch Regiment of Canada. There was a very touching moment when Chief Warrant Officer Anthony Jones, MMM,CD, offered the tribute to fallen comrades.


The head of table was presented and LGen Guy Thibault(Retd),CMM,MSC,CD spoke about Respect Forum,an initiative that helps the trail by helping veterans of our Armed Forces,

RCMP,Emergency Medical services and Fire services who have suffered both physically and mentally as a result of their service and who are too often forgotten and unsupported in their time of need. This event had lots of entertainment. We enjoyed an event call given by the Black watch Pipes and Drums Association and an excellent address to a Haggis given by Sgt MCKenzie-Mardelli.


We were also pleasantly surprised hearing singer Shawn Brady offer us a few hits like piano man and concluding the event on a social for those who wanted to stay longer. We would like to thank the Toronto Black watch Association for offering us an event we will always remember.

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