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Clan Logan Clan Gunn Festival Celtique de Quebec 2022
dances Festival celtique de quebec 2022

Festival Celtique de Quebec 2022
               By: Steven Logan

This year, The Clan Logan Society of Canada came back to the long awaited Festival
Celtique de Québec that took place from September 8th to the 11th, 2022. It is the biggest
francophone Celtic festival in North America.


We were invited back to the Domaine des Maizerets in Limoilou, Québec for a few days that were nice, warm and sunny. Once we arrived, we met up with the other Clans in attendance. We were pleased to see Clan Lindsay, Gregor,MacNicoll and Mackenzie that we last saw at our very own Montreal Highland Games. We also met Stacy Girard, the representative of Clan MacRae. 

It was nice to see all these Clans who we consider to be good friends of ours, all making
their own difference. Clan Logan was also greeted warmly by organizer Marjolaine Parent who was very happy to see us.

We hosted and met various people while sharing about Logan history and heritage. This
time we haven't met any Logans but visitors were interested in knowing more about where we
come from, what Hoc Majorum Virtus means and about our tartans. The visitors were wonderful, polite and receptive to learning new things about our Clan. We received a surprise visit from Patrice Macleod, of the MacLeod of Saguenay and another from Ted and Louise Gunn who were very kind and complimentary towards what we are doing for Clan Logan.

The festival had some entertainment. we saw some Irish dance and some ladies doing some tap dancing from the Manigance school. The entertainment was varied as to fit in with various Celtic traditions and cultures. They also had music on their stage and visitors enjoyed listening while having a nice drink with the family. 

On the first evening after hosting, we met up with the Clans for a bite to eat. Finding a restaurant would be a difficult challenge due to various other events happening in Québec. A miracle happened, Boston Pizza had room for us. Once there, we settled and enjoyed the rest of our evening with a good meal and conversation and headed to the hotel. Being extremely tired is the reward of hard work hosting and promoting our Clan to new audiences.

The following day, we got up early, had breakfast and left for Domaine des Maizerets to host the last day. Sunday was a little more quiet in terms of visitors but we still enjoyed ourselves. Once the day was done, the sad part happened.. we had to pack up and leave. We thanked everyone at the festival Celtique de Québec for a wonderful event. They were pleased with us and we are going to come back next year!

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Steven Logan, Clan Logan, Festival celtique de Québec 2022

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