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BBQ grill
Scott mackenzie

A special BBQ invitation
by Steven Logan

Fall has sprung here in Montreal. You would think events would slow down but
nothing ever really stops this time of year except for Highland games. I was
pleasantly surprised to see an invitation in my email.


Scott Mackenzie, President of the Montreal Highland games, invited everyone who was part of our games to a nice BBQ at his home held on September 24th, 2022.

We all just had to bring a little something to eat that would accompany the tasty
burgers Scott would grill for us.I set forth plans with someone to come and get me
so I could attend and baked a cake. I made a homemade chocolate Boston cake. I wanted
it to be nice and chocolaty with a nice layer of English Devon custard in the middle
with a nice rich chocolate glaze over it. The BBQ happened the same day as my birthday
so I made it extra special.


The event went well. I had great burgers and tasted a few delicacies and of course enjoyed some sweet treats as well as a piece of my own cake. In early evening, it started to get chilly outside. Scott turned on his firepit which warmed us all up and we enjoyed the night ahead talking and having some coffee. Once we had our fun, we thanked our hosts Scott and Heather and left. It was a really nice BBQ that we'll always remember.

Steven Logan Clan Logan

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