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Ypres parade 2022

by Steven Logan


On Sunday, April 24th, I headed to Parc du Souvenir in Verdun for the Black Watch Veterans
Association Battle of Ypres(Eipers) Parade dressed in my uniform for the event. We remember
the sacrifice of the Canadians at the second battle of Ypres where poison gas was first used in WW1.

 When I arrived to take part in the event, I was surprised to see a huge group of people protesting the cost of lodging in Montreal. After waiting a certain time, these people moved away and we were really happy to be able to continue with our plans. At this event, many politician showed up to pay their respects. We had Sterling Downey the city councilor, Marie-Andrée Mauger for project Montreal in Verdun, the local Liberal candidate for Verdun, Isabelle Melançon and the liberal federal representative David Lametti. Many people from the neighborhood came to watch the parade and ceremony.

We paraded in the street and marched towards the Monument of the brave in Parc du souvenir. Once we arrived there, there was a master of ceremonies who thanked all for coming to remember. We sang the Canadian anthem and remembered the fallen. Then the various political representatives, Black watch Veteran's Association and cadets all came to lay a wreath. It was a sad moment as we remembered those who lost their lives for the rights and freedoms we hold so dearly today.

At the end of the ceremony, we thanked each other for our participation and headed at the local
Legion branch for a drink and to share with friends and acquaintances. At this event, I was able
to spend time with Vicki Onufriu who is part of the Black watch Veteran's Association. Vicki was also one of the first people we met at our very first Highland games in Montreal back in 2015. She has been of great support of Clan Logan. I also met up with Ronald Harrison of the Cadet Corps who wants to participate in our Montreal Highland Games. Clan Logan will be presenting the Clans this year on July 31st On the Douglas Institute grounds in Verdun.

After the reception at the Canadian Legion, I left with Vicki to head home. We had a wonderful timeand were able to meet up with different people from our Scottish community. I was really pleased toparticipate as it gave us visibility while actively participating at an important event.

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