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  Montreal Saint-Patrick's parade 2022

                    by Steven Logan

 In early March,  Clan Logan was contacted by The Montreal Saint Andrew's Society
regarding the Saint Patrick's Day parade. The United Irish Societies of Montreal
decided to go ahead with the event after a two year break due to the current pandemic.
They decided that a few groups could participate on a limited basis, that there would
be no floats to limit crowds and that it would start early in the morning, 9:30 am.

This year, the parade was on Sunday March 20th, 2020. Despite the fact it was much earlier 
than in previous years, we were well taken care of by the Irish community who welcomes us open arms each year. It was a little cold and wet due to rain but a very kind wandering Irishman gave us a coffee to warm us up bless his soul. 
Vice-President Laurent Audar could not attend this event so I called my back-up, Patrick Dionne-Kuno, our representative of Ontario. Patrick came from Ottawa to lend us a hand and proudly marched along my side holding up our banner high so everyone could see it! The parade was nice and it was fun to see our Scottish community after a few years. 


After the parade, I took Patrick out on the town as he seldom visits Montreal. We went to have something to eat and visited a few key locations like Old Montreal and Chinatown. We met many people who stopped us along the way to ask us if the Saint Patrick's parade was happening..many didn't know it was early that morning! This gave us a chance to talk about Clan Logan, show the crest and explain the meaning behind it. I even was able to briefly add that there were some Irish Logans..that came from Scotland and moved to Ireland in the 18th century.


The Montreal Highland Games were also promoted since I act as Clans and Community Director for the second time. People were invited to attend'' Clan Logan's Clans of Scotland''which will present our visiting Clans in both English and French on the day of these games, July 31st. It was a different Saint Patrick's day but still quite entertaining. Clan Logan wishes to thank the Montreal Saint Andrew's Society for including us and giving us visibility and The United Irish Societies of Montreal for having the event and making us feel like welcomed family as they do each year.

Clan Logan Canada

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