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BC Highland games in Coquitlam

Clan Logan had the pleasure of attending the 86th BC Highland Games sponsored by the United Scottish Cultural Society held in Coquitlam on June 17th, 2017(pict.1).It was a very special moment in our history because it was the very first time The Clan Logan Society of Canada was present outside of the province of Quebec. It was time for all of us to get noticed and be part of what makes our country great. This year marks Canada's 150th anniversary and Clan Logan celebrated. We paid tribute to all our Canadian Logans from west to east who made Canada the nation it is today. Clan Logan was able to spend time with Denise Chaisson the clans coordinator of the BCHG who invited us to attend this event. The BC pipers'association offered the wonderful piping which resonated through Percy Perry Stadium as they marched with great pride. There were many heavy events such as the Stone Putt, Scottish Hammer Toss, Sheaf Toss and Caber Toss. The BC games also offered a lot of musical entertainement. We heard the likes of Knacker’s Yard, a Celtic folk band and Kailyarders.Among other performers, there was The Royal Academy of Bhangra the first Academy in Canada to offer a formal Punjabi Folk Dances. The children were not left out. They could participate in the Haggis
Hunt which allowed them to look for the hidden Haggis all over the venue. They had to find all eight of them!!Children also could do some basic sword-fighting with a few experts using wooden swords or get their faces painted. At these games there were also "cultural talks" which allowed visitors to interract with various speakers. There was a Gaelic Song Workshop with Robyn carrigan, a kiltmaking demonstration with Helen McCrindle and  Robert Burns; The Life and Heritage of Scotland's National Bard by Donald Paton among other speakers. Visitors were encouraged to bring their
British cars and expose them for all to see. At the ceremony, Clan Logan was mentioned among the other clans and was then encouraged to parade as spectators watched in admiration. The games concluded with The RCMP E. Division Pipe Band.They lead off the Grand Finale, which will also included the best pipers, drummers, dancers and performers from the Games. The Clan Logan Society of Canada would like to thank all the organisers at the BC
Highland Games who made this event memorable.

To the left, Denise Chaisson, BC Higland Games Clans coordinator, to the right, Steven Logan

Haggis hiding so children could find him

People attending games

BC pipers' Association

The Royal Academy of Bhangra

Clan Logan awaiting the clan march.

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