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Maxville Glengarry Games 2017

Clan Logan was present for the very first time at the Maxville Glengarry games on August 5th, 2017 in Maxville Ontario Canada. These games featured a military tatoo, Scottish Highland pipe bands, Scottish Clans and a lot of musical entertainment, Highland dancing competitions that made us all proud and wonderful Scottish heavyweight sports! At the Glengarry games in Maxville, there's something for everyone!! Clan Logan participated in the Clan parade for the first time and it was really very nice! The Glengarry games are the home of the North American Pipe Band Championships. Furthermore, this year marks their 70th anniversary. We would like to congratulate the Maxville Glengarry games on this very important achievement.On the first day of the festival, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came wearing a kilt with the Sinclair tartan. Clan Logan was present among many other clans for the very first time on the second day and received a warm welcome on behalf of the other clans in attendance. The list of clans  was never ending. Their organisers of this event have worked very hard to get as many clans represented as possible and have done a fabulous job. All of us at Clan Logan Society of Canada were greatly impressed!!!



On this occasion, Clan Maclennan was hosting and also came to visit us. They were very surprised to see us considering that our paths have never crossed previously.For the very first time, our story was also heard and we were able to tell it. We were surprised to see that many Maclennans came by curiosity to our clan table, attracted by our beautiful Logan-Maclennan modern tartan that they share with us. It is to be noted that the Logan-Maclennan modern tartan we all wear was first recorded by James Logan in 1831 in the Scottish Gael. All of us at Clan Logan are really honoured they continue to wear the Logan recorded tartans with pride. It was very flattering to see Logan-Maclennan modern and Logan-Maclennan ancient tartan here and there! Many thought we were the Maclennan table at first and Clan Logan received many questions relating to our historical link in Maxville. Many Maclennans still think that Logan is a sept of Maclennan( a sept being a family that established themselves on the lands of an existing Chief and accepted him as their own). This is not accurate and we have written proof.

The last Clan Chief we had, Hugh Logan, died at Logan house in 1804. Scots being the loyal bunch they were would follow the Chief they had. Therefore, the claim we are a sept of Maclennan is unfounded and illogical to say the least. Clan Logan had written to Lord Lyon, the authority on Scottish clans for clarity on the issue and got this answer, dated September 25th, 2002. It mentions "The position is that neither in the appointment of Ronald George Maclennan as Chief in 1978 nor in the appointment of his son this year is the name Logan incorporated. The appointment refers simply to Clan Maclennnan. History has linked the Logans and the Maclennans, but in 1672 when the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland was set up, there were clearly two seperate groups. Although no Arms were recorded for Maclennan, it is known there was a Chief at that time. Arms were recorded by George Logan of that ilk in 1673 which would indicate that he was Chief of the Name of Logan at that time. yours faithfully, Robin Blair, LVO,WS". We could really not be more clear and this information comes directly from Lord Lyon himself. We really are not a sept but a Clan.

Clan Logan's presence at the Maxville Glengarry games highlights many historical irregularities that will need to be addressed once we find the Chief of Clan Logan officially. The Maxville Glengarry games were very entertaining. We would like to thank everyone concerned for their openness and acceptance of Clan Logan at this event. We hope to build a strong bond and build fond memories together. The Clan Logan Society of Canada wishes to thank Mrs. Anne Stewart, the President of the games as well as all other organisers and volunteers that helped make this event memorable.



Steven Logan with Clan Gunn: Louise and Ted Gunn
Scottish dancing competition

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Scottish sports
The sound of that lovely music!
Steven Logan with friends who are visiting! To the far right, carole Libbey and the Towne Crier himself, Wes Libbey
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