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Fergus games...and an award for Clan Logan!

Steven Logan, accepting the award for Best clan  2017 for Clan Logan.
The John K.Cambell award 

For Many years, The Clan Logan Society International Inc. would receive invitations for the Fergus Highland games in Fergus, Ontario, Canada. They would ask each year without us being able to attend. It simply wasn't possible previously. Now that the Clan Logan Society of Canada is up and running, we were now able to consider this possibility.

Clan Logan was at the Fergus Festival and Highland Games for the first time in our history on August 12th and 13th, 2017. This was a very special and important event for all of us at Clan Logan. We were moved by the kindness of all the other clans in attendance who accepted us with open arms like old friends meeting again. Everyone at Fergus was extremely kind to Clan Logan. We appreciated the presence of Clan Bell and Irwin, Clan Kincaid has been supportive with tips and tricks for hosting, Clan Macalpine used a tic tac toe activity for children that was inspiring. Clan Logan was able to spend quality time with the CASSOC group(Clans and Scottish Societies of Canada). These games offered many interesting activities. We enjoyed the sheep sheering and focus on old Scottish trades. At the gathering of the Clans, Clan Logan was presented among other Clans as spectators cheered on. Just when Clan Logan could not have asked for more in terms of Clan recognition, we were very pleasantly surprised and amazed to have won the John K.Campbell award for best clan 2017 later that day.


The Fergus games really know how to value Clans, celebrate them, get them involved and most of all, make them feel important. All of us at Clan Logan really appreciate that considering that in many other games in Canada, the Clans are very often forgotten by the organisers and especially the media that would rather
focus on the athletics, bagpipers and reenactors. In many cases, the Clans are not even mentioned in opening-closing ceremonies or on the Highland games websites they host games at, or even paraded on the field. This is very sad indeed when we consider that all the Scottish Clans in Canada are non profit organisations that prepare for these events all year at their own expense. The games are about culture, heritage and tradition, not just fun and entertainment, the Clans being an important part of the equation. The media conveniently forgets about us, not a mention, not a picture, nothing when we are  actively trying to build meaningful communities and need members. It's is almost as if we have done nothing at all for the various events we host at. We would like to especially thank most the news networks for giving us no recognition whatsoever. That situation does not help us at all. Could you please try a little harder next time We could use your support news networks!!!

Clan Logan was absolutely honoured to be part of the Fergus Festival and Highland games because as one of the most important games in Canada, they know the value of each thing within the festival itself. We would like to thank all organisers, the President David Radley for making this event what it is today, all the volunteers that were extremely kind, hard working and patient with us. We would like to thank the citizens of Fergus for making our first time very special and memorable. We look forward to building a strong bond and working together to make this event even more impressive in years to come.

some entertainment here!
Nothing beats some really good music!

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Come on guys! Play those instruments!
Clans..clans..Clans everywhere!
The boy Scouts visit Clan Logan!
Watch out! Caber coming!
Look! Wee piper parading!
People sure like to visit Clan Logan!
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