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Saint Andrew's Ball 2017

St Andrew's ball 2017

On December 1st, 2017, the Saint-Andrew's Society of Montreal celebrated one hundred and eighty-two years of scottish heritage in Montreal. The Saint Andrew's Ball was held at the luxurious Marriott Château Champlain in Montreal and sold out weeks before the event was held. All the proceeds from this event were given to benefit the Douglas Hospital Foundation in support of mental health. Clan Logan proudly attended for the second time. Clan Logan's guest of honour at this event was Isabelle Laflamme, a firm supporter and Clan Logan Clanswoman who proudly wears our tartan!













Considering the accomplishments and efforts that were made this year,  we deserved to celebrate. We had a year full of various achievements. In July 2017, Clan Logan received the Commander's coin of Excellence given by Mr.Hercule Gosselin Commander, 2nd Division Joint Task Force East at the Longue-Pointe military base. We were also present in British Columbia Canada for the very first time and participated in Canada's 150th gathering of the Clans celebrating Canada's 150 anniversary. A few months later, Clan Logan attended games in both Maxville and Fergus. We are an active Clan and people are noticing. In August, Clan Logan was seen for the very first time at one of the most popular Highland games in Canada.We became an award winning Scottish Clan at The Fergus Festival and Highland Games and won the John K.Campbell award for best Clan 2017.For all these reasons among others, we deserved to be at the Saint-Andrew's Ball this year. We will always remember the first time we attended the Ball. People would look at us and say "what tartan is that?".This year, the reactions where very different.People now know of us and we got smiles and acceptance and that is a good indication that in terms of visibility, we are making strides. We are really getting known in Montreal. People were actually very curious to know more about us and asked questions as they had fun and enjoyed their evening. All of the Scottish community in Montreal got together and enjoyed a magical evening. Kathleen Rochford made us all proud by singing our canadian anthem.

Glitz and glamour were part of the menu as everyone drank a little whisky, ate a little haggis and danced the night away to the sound of the BlackWatch pipes and Drums. The very elegant and beautiful Debutantes did the Debutants Waltz all wearing the Montreal 1642 tartan.This year, the Guests of Honour were Sir Malcom MacGregor of MacGregor, the 24th chief of Clan Gregor and Chieftain of the Children of the Mist and his wife, Lady MacGregor of MacGregor. We were very impressed with the 1642 Tartan Presentation: A Tribute to Montreal's Founding Cultures celebrating our diversity and unity through dance. We saw native indian dancing that was just breathtaking. It was unexpected and refreshing to see other traditions at this event. We also noticed a lot of 1642 Montreal tartan kilts being worn by many gentlemen in attendance.



















I was able to mingle with various people within the Scottish community in Montreal. Sterling Downey, city councillor of verdun and Jeffrey McCarthy, the former Ogilvy piper were among them. The very popular silent auction was also held this year and helped gather funds for the Douglas Hospital Foundation.At The Ball, Clan Logan actively seeked feedback on how to improve Clan visibility and influence. The Clan Logan Society of Canada seeks to thank all organizers and contributors of the event. The Saint-Andrew's Society of Montreal has once again outdone themselves by offering us this very special event. We would like to also that The Black Watch(RHR) of Canada for their participation and implication.

To the left: Steven Logan and Jeffrey McCarthy
Isabelle Laflamme and Steven Logan
Isabelle Laflamme, Steven Logan and Annabelle
To the right: BlackWatch photobomber, Sterling Downey, steven Logan
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