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Clan Logan at Burns nicht 2017

On January 20th 2017 was held the annual Burns Nicht supper at the University Club in Montreal.

It was a lovely Scottish evening celebrating our bard, Robert Burns. Many people attended this event and Clan Logan was there for another year. We were able to share our common goals and aspirations and continue to forge strong ties with other members and attendees.


There were quite a few highlights to the evening. Mr.Brian MacKenzie, President of the Saint Andrew’s Society of Montreal gave us a night to remember, he had a very charismatic presence as he shared with everyone attending the evening during the to the piper and to the Chef speaches. Mr.Campbell oliver gave an excellent selkirk grace before our meal. Jeffrey Mccarthy performed the «tae a Haggis» in a very lively and inspirational way that made us all proud of our heritage. DR.Heather macNabb gave a very good immortal memory and the toast to the lassies was performed by Sean Smith. Dr.Gillian Leitch gave us a Burns Quiz that made us think twice about what we know of Burns. She also did the reply to the Lassies. Clan Logan had the oppertunity to taste the most delicious Haggis and Whisky flavoured Strawberry Charlotte among other items on the menu. Clan Logan spent time with Mr.Sterling Downey, city councillor for the city of Verdun and discussed various issues relating to the Scots in Montreal.

Clan Logan would really love to thank the Saint-Andrew’s Society of Montreal for making this night memorable in every way. Everyone did a fantastic job and we felt really honoured to be there and witness it.

To the left, Mr.Steven Logan and to the right, Mr.Sterling Downey.
Mr.Sean Smith made an excellent toast to the Lassies.
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