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Black Watch Association Spring Fling

Montreal has to be one of the most interesting cities in the world. It boasts the presence of many cultural communities
who each try their best to demonstrate their culture and traditions. If you are lucky enough, you get to hear about an event
that is often not publicized and if you know the right person, you even get to attend it. Such was the case for the
Spring Fling event held by the Black Watch Association Pipes and Drums on June 13th, 2018 at Westmount High School. Donations were gracefully accepted to help support the organisation.

  Clan Logan attended and saw an excellent performance given by the Black Watch School of piping and Drumming and the Black Watch Association Pipes and Drums. We had very good representation at this event, Yanice Artigny, a new Clan Logan member attended with Krista-Lee Scott and myself. As we sat in the auditorium of the High School, we didn't know what to expect at this first Spring Fling. Then we heard the bagpipes and instruments. The sound was just magical. We were moved to see the Scottish Highland dancers from the Stephenson School of Highland dance giving it their best. We were greatly impressed with the performance given by the young people who in many cases gave their first performance on stage.




We thought it was nice to see the support for the young band members and the acknowledgement given to the artists. Some had to battle stage fright to give us a memorable performance. It was so nice to see them honouring very old Scottish traditions. Clan Logan was priviledged to be there to support and to witness the commitment to excellence that has made us all proud. Our motto is "Hoc Majorum Virtus" which means "This is the valour of my ancestors". We know for a fact that the ancestors of these fine musicians were very proud of the magic seen and heard on stage that moved every single person in the auditorium.

 The Black Watch Association Pipe Band was the first Quebec pipe Band to compete at the Worlds' Piping Championships in Scotland

on August 7th, 2016. Fifty-five pipers, drummers, highland dancers, parents and friends left for Scotland on a long journey that brought them to many destinations such as Edinburgh Castle, Stirling Castle( In Sterling), Holyrood Palace( in Edinburgh) and Balhousie Castle(in Perth) to name a few. They are a very important part of Montreal's Scottish community and have made many notable cultural contributions to our vibrant city through the years. All Scottish organisations share a very strong bond and a responsibility to preserving and promoting our heritage for future generations. Clan Logan is honoured to be a part of that.


We believe it is very important to promote the Scottish Arts because this is what keeps our Scottish history and traditions alive.
The audience was unanimous that the Spring Fling event was a real success. These musicians had to practice many hours to get everything right. The end result was breathtaking. Hard work and commitment always pays off. We wish to thank all the organisers of the event for this wonderful show.

The dancers from the Stephenson School of dance

Young man playing his flute!!

New member Yanice Artigny, Steven Logan and Krista-Lee Scott enjoyed the Spring Fling event.

The Clan Logan table ready for visitors

From right to left: Johanne Lindsay for Clan Lindsay, Steven Logan and Laurent Audar for Clan Logan, Patrice MacLeod for Clan MacLeod and Al;ain Chapdelaine, reverend and bagpiper for Clan MacLeod.

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