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Echoes of a Proud Nation Pow wow

A pow wow occurs when native people get together to do some dancing, singing, visiting and renewing friendships while making new ones. Clan Logan attended the 28th annual Echoes of a Proud Nation Pow wow held on Tekakwitha Island on july 14th, 2018. We were able to really enjoy the various cultural shops selling many native objects, see the traditional dance competitions as well as making new friends along the way. The purpose is to enhance entrepreneurial endeavours of aboriginal people, inspire cultural expression and expand friendships. Promoting peace and harmony amongst all people. In a similar fashion to Scottish Clans, the native people work hard at preserving their culture, traditions and heritage.It was an honour to be there and offer our support because they make Canada everything it is today. There is a revival taking place within the native community. People want to learn and know about the ancient customs and traditions and are getting curious about learning the language as well. When Clan Logan was at the Pow wow, people were extremely surprised to see us there. We are of different backgrounds and cultures but together we stand as one. Many pictures were taken because it is unusual to
see the Scottish and native people together. We would like to thank the Mohawks of Khanawake and the organizers who
made this event a wonderful one.

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The Clan Logan Society of Canada is based in Verdun, Quebec. It was founded by Steven Logan, Clan Logan Commissioner in 2015. We want to reunite all the Logans across the country and also find our Scottish Clan Chief.

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