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On August 5th, 2018 were held the Montreal Highland Games. This event brings together Scottish
Montrealers with various other communities each year and was once again held on The Douglas Institute Grounds
in Verdun. There were bagpipers, Scottish Highland dancers and lots of family fun to be had. Scottish culture
was honoured and Clan Logan participated. This year, our Clan was extremely pleased and surprised to see that
most members of our organisation came to support us and promote our traditions and values.For the first time
since The Clan Logan Society of Canada was established 4 years ago, we had a complete Clan representation that
really participated at the event. We also gained a new member, Mrs.Roxanne De Nie who chose to join Clan Logan
because she thinks that it's important to help protect the Scottish traditions and values we uphold. People who
came to visit us were very interested in knowing that we are still looking for our Scottish Clan Chief and
we received much encouragement from visitors at our Clan table. We had a record attendance at the Montreal Highland Games! We wish to thank The Saint Andrew's Society of Montreal and volunteers for this fantastic event.

ClanLogan Montreal Canada

Record attendance for Clan Logan at the Montreal Games

Clan Logan tent Montreal

People everywhere! We had a good spot thanks to the Montreal Highland Games!

the clan2.JPG

Members of Clan Logan unite!!


Steven Logan and a few visitors!

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