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Saint-Patrick's day parade 2017

The Montreal Saint-Patrick's day parade was held on Sunday March 19th, 2017. It celebrated its 194th edition and more than 3 000 people marched. The Clan Logan Society of Canada was present for the first time. Steven Logan proudly marched down Saint-Catherine street with his Clan Logan banner, right behind The Saint-Andrew's Society of Montreal who were dancing the Gay Gordons in front of the judges at this event. Clan Logan set a precedent at this parade because it was the only Scottish Clan present as an individual organisation. We marched among the various Scottish and Irish associations and at this parade, even the Canadian aboriginal groups participated.

This edition of the Saint-Patrick's day parade was a perticularly important one. The emphasis was put on the founding cultural communities that made Montreal the city is is today. This parade features among other events that are part of Montreal's 375th anniversary. After the parade, Clan Logan headed to The BlackWatch Armoury on Bleury street.While there, we enjoyed the sound of the bagpipes while having a dram or two. Clan Logan spent time with Jeffrey McCarthy, known as the Ogilvie piper and a few other people like Sean Smith from the Saint-Andrew's Society who was really pleased with Clan Logan's implication in the parade. The President of the Society, Mr.Brian Mackenzie really enjoyed the banner Clan Logan was using. The Clan Logan Society of Canada is extremely greatful and thankful to Mrs.Virginia Logan for the fantastic banners that were made to help us in our common cause in promoting Clan Logan.

From left to right: Jeffrey McCarthy and Steven Logan

Steven Logan parading!

Piping at the BlackWatch Armoury

From left to right: Mr.Brian Mackenzie with Steven Logan

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