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viking village Quebec

Clan Logan attended the 13th edition of the Festival celtique de Québec held on the 8th and 9th of September 2018.
It is labelled the biggest francophone Celtic festival in North America. We were at this event with Clan Lindsay,
MacLeod and MacNichol. This year we received more visitors that the previous year. We got many questions about
Scottish attire and traditions. We had a story board that spoke of the heart of Robert the Bruce and our quest
to bring it to the Holy land right in front of our tent. This was a great success as people came to read about our
history. We had a new tartans exposition to show off at this venue as well that was a hit with passers by. We met
representatives of Clan Ross and we spoke about developing a strong bond between our Clans. The Festival Celtique
offered many activities for families and children, a mythical village( Scandinavian and Breton myths) and many Scottish
Highland activities. We had the 78th Fraser Highlanders who played their bagpipes for us. We would like to thank everyone at the Festival Celtique de Québec, the President Guy Morriset and volunteers for a really nice event.

Steven Logan Cla Logan

Steven Logan ready to greet visitors!

fraser HIghlanders

The 78 Fraser Highlanders at it again!

clan Lindsay

Clan Lindsay hosting.

Clan Ross Clan Logan

 Clan Ross comes to have a chat with Clan Logan.

artisans jewelry

Artisans showing their trade and passion.

cabe toss Quebec

Caber toss underway!

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