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Auld Alliance Awards 2017

On April 29th, 2017, the Clan Logan Society of Canada was represented by Steven Logan at the Auld Alliance
Awards Ceremony held at the BlackWatch Armoury in Montreal.The Quebec Thistle Commitee of the St.Andrew's Society of Montreal grants awards to nominees proposed by different organisations and individuals.People in the field of craft, Scottish sport, music, dancing, poetry and prose as well as those who, through their hard work and achievement have contributed to the preservation and maintenance of Scottish culture and traditions in the province of Quebec were honoured.

Clan Logan was priviledged to attend this important event.The award winners and recipients in category 1 awards were:
Jodie Hebert for Scottish Country Dancing, Chloe Weatherston-Pierre for Highland dancing, Running room got the award for athelete of the year, the cuisine award was given to Dorothy Joyce who for the occasion gave us a wonderful feast.Dr.Gillian Leitch was rewarder for cultural activities. In the second category, Christian Haerinck got the Pipe-Major Kirk Johnstone,CD Memorial Award for piping. Jeannine Ouellet was awarded the Gordon Atkinson memorial Prize in highland military history. In the third category, the Quebec Thistle Fellows were offered to Drum-Major Bob Labreche, Wendy Johnstone and Linda Morrison.Finally, the Scotsman of the year was given to James Allen.

Clan Logan was perticularly impressed by Chloe Weatherston-Pierre who offered us an impressive sword dance we will always remember for the occasion. Chloe Weatherston-Pierre is a vibrant example of the dreams and hopes of the Clan Logan Society of Canada. The love of tradition, the dream of getting more youth involved in our Scottish Clans, and finally the passion given towards something as important as Scottish dance.We strongly value such commitment. Hoc majorum Virtus, this is the valour of our ancestors. There is great valour in hard work and following our dreams with passion to advance, make others proud of us as people for what we have accomplished and honourably reap the well deserved reward. We would love to thank Chloe Weatherston-Pierre for demonstrating her love for Scottish culture. She is a young lady that made all of us very proud, a true inspiration to any Logan. We wish her much success for the future.

At the awards ceremony, Clan Logan was treated to a Haggis party and Adress to the Haggis.The St.Andrew's Society of Montreal did a fantastic job organizing this event and made it one we are not ever going to forget.

Chloe Weatherston-Pierre executing the sword dance

Steven Logan attending the ceremony

From left to right: Mrs. Jennifer Donaldson with Steven Logan

The food offered at this event was of outstanding quality. Food done by the talented Dorothy Joyce, winner of the Cuisine award.

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