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Dinner honouring Chief Christine Zachary-Deom, KH

Christine Zachary-Deom

The Clan Logan Society of Canada attended an important event on Tuesday, April 10th, 2018.
A reception-dinner honouring Chief Christine Zachary-Deom of the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake.
It was held at the elegant and refined Saint James's club in Montreal. Mrs Zachary-Deom was instrumental in achieving the changes which have been made to the Official Montreal flag, to recognize the indigenous people of Montreal and Kahnawake.













On the Montreal flag, there's the centerpiece "The Great Tree of Peace", a symbol
of the unity of the five nations of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. When Chief Christine Zachary-Deom gave her speach entitled "Consultation and Reconciliation: What it means for Montreal and Kahnawake", she explains the placing of the red circle in the center of the Montreal flag to evoke Mount Royal, the original meeting place of the Chiefs. She also spoke of various forms of injustice that had an impact on the aborignal people's quality of life.








After Chief Christine Deom spoke, the guest of honour, Mrs.Judith Shapiro Knight took the microphone to add a few words and to thank the Chief for her hard work. Clan Logan was deeply moved when Mrs.Shapiro Knight mentioned when she met Christine Zachary-Deom over thrity years ago and how promising she was, how she would make a big difference, something I aspire to for Clan Logan.



She spoke of the Oka crisis that occurred in the province of Quebec in 1990, that she was in the car with Chief Christine travelling and they were pulled over. They weren't going too fast or committed any crime, they simply had a Kahnawake license plate. The discrimination was blatant. For reasons like this, it was needed to change the Montreal flag. We must pay tribute to all the nations that helped make our city what it is today. A white pine(great tree) to represent the ancestral presence of indigenous peoples in the middle of the flag with the red circle representing Mount Royal, A blue Fleur de Lys of the Royal house of Bourbon representing the French, the original settlers of the city, a red rose of Lancaster representing the English, a Shamrock for the Irish and a thistle for the Scots who built Montreal, its buildings and streets. It is to be noted that Chief Christine Zachary-Deom was made an honorary citizen of Montreal and presented the keys of the city. She also contributed and was involved in the celebrations of the 375th anniversary of the city of Montreal. At this event, Clan Logan received much interest from the guests in attendance and got invited to come down to Kahnawake to share common interests. We would like to thank The Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem and The Jeanie Johnston Educational Foundation for making this evening possible.

Monreal city flag
Chef Christine Zachary-Deom Clan Logan
Chief DDeom speach Montreal

Chief Christine Zachary-Deom gives her speech.

Chief Christine Zachary-Deom with Steven Logan,

Clan Logan Chief Ambassador of Canada.

steven Logan clan Logan

Steven Logan spends a few moments with a rather interesting guest at the event!

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