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Commander's coin of Excellence

        July 6th, 2017 was an important day for the Clan Logan Society of Canada. On this day, a painting called "Armed Forces" was presented to Hercule Gosselin, Commander, 2nd Division and Joint Task Force East at the Longue-pointe military base.  This painting, painted by Steven Logan was offered as a gesture of thanks to the Canadian army for their dedication and implication in Canada. It is important to remember all the people who protect and defend our Canadian values and interests, here in our great country or abroad. This also being Montreal's 375th Anniversary, it was an important occasion to celebrate and honour all our military who help us in times of need everywhere and especially here in Montreal. Clan Logan is honoured to be a part of that especially since our military correspond to our Clan Logan moto Hoc Majorum Virtus, this is the Valour of our ancestors. There's great value in defending you country and being honourable to the very end, defending what we believe in to the very cost of our own lives. Such exceptional people deserve to be treated with much dignity and respect and that applies to all militarypeople in every country.


     The painting was given with the unheard military heroes in mind, those who fought for us and gave it their best, but got no credit, those who's stories were never heard. It was a day full of surprises. Not only did Steven Logan get to share a drink with the Commander of the 2nd Divison of Canada himself and other Majors, he got a little gift. Steven Logan received a reward for his commitment.. the Commander's coin of Excellence by Hercule Gosselin. The painting that was given will hang in the Officer's Mess of the Longue-Pointe Military base and will have a dedication under it. It will hang where Steven Logan's father himself served the Canadian military as sergent in 1960.The Clan Logan Society of Canada believes it's very important to participate in history, not just watch it go by. We must be present and active, show other groups of people and clans that we are still around and kicking.  Being an armigerous clan doesn't mean the clan itself
is a dead one.  All Clans can come back to life. There is no secret, you only get what you have invested. By wearing the tartan, promoting the clan and meeting people, the clan begins to exist again. Others will feel the passion and inspiration and follow!


     The painting that was offered to the military has become a Clan Logan relic and is additional proof that Clan Logan is here in Montreal and making a difference. As your Clan Logan Chief Ambassador, it is an absolute honour to represent Clan Logan and I promise to do so with dignity and pride each time for all Logans everyhwere. I chose to promote my pride and all of our Logan values. All Logans deserve to be part of history in the making. The Clan Logan Society of Canada wishes to thank Major Sylvain Rheaume who greatly helped in making this event possible as well as all of the
2nd Division of Canada. As I host games and meet new faces, I will do so with the pride I have for our Military and promise to earn the coin of Excellence that was awarded. I will do my best to make our Armed Forces proud.

Steven Logan receives a handshake from the one and only Hercule Gosselin, Commander, 2nd Division and Joint Task Force East.

Steven Logan presents "Armed Forces" to Commander Hercule Gosselin and Major Garrand.

Commander's coin of Excellence(front)
Commander's coin of Excellence(back)

"Armed Forces" painted by Steven Logan. 

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