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The Montreal Saint-Andrew's Un-Ball

Each year, the Montreal Saint Andrew's society holds a very prestigious Scottish ball held at the Montreal Chateau Champlain hotel that Clan Logan attends with anticipation. This year, due to Covid-19, the organization had to change its plans and offer a different kind of event in order to help gather funds for the Douglas Institute and Montreal Saint  Andrew's society.


The un-Ball was held on November 27th, 2020 and offered a very interesting line-up of events through the Zoom application. This event gave the opportunity to reach out to other people elsewhere in the Scottish diaspora across the world to attend. Our Vice-President Laurent Audar was with us, prepared our Clan Logan banner that was seen by all attendees and made sure the Haggis neeps and taties were ready for this impressive virtual event.


It all
started with the airing or an art film 'Primordial Waters Revisited' by Heather Lander and Alex Smoke. The events that followed were just like being at the ball from the comfort of your own home. It was possible to meet up with acquaintances we haven't seen much of this year and share a good time. Bagpipes could be heard, musical presentations and toasts were given. His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales sent his greetings. There were funny moments with people giving their own interpretation of the Address to the Haggis. We enjoyed
a sword dance lesson given by instructor Jennifer Stephenson and Clan Logan participated in  Scottish dancing for the first time in many years. Member Linda Street-Ely attended the event this year and enjoyed the events. We would like to thank the Montreal Saint-Andrew's Society for this event held for the first time that was a great success.

Marilyn Meikle, President of the Montreal Saint Andrew's Society, raises her glass. Steven Logan, Clan Logan Commissioner can be see in the upper left corner.
Add for the Un ball that was widely available on various social platforms

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