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CASSOC has a new Treasurer

In September, Clan Logan received a surprise request from William Petrie, Chairman of CASSOC(Clans and Scottish Societies of Canada).This organization, that started way back in 1975, aims to bring together various Clans and Scottish Societies to promote and  celebrate our Scottish cultural heritage. Members include Clans, Highland Games Committees 
and Country Dance Associations, Scottish Regiments, their Associations and so much more.

At the end of August 2020, Kimberly Henwood, the then Treasurer of CASSOC resigned to focus on other challenges. CASSOC has a strong base in Ontario and to be more representative of our Canadian diversity, wanted to consider board members from other Canadian provinces. Clan Logan is firmly rooted in the province of Quebec through various events and our participation with different groups since we started in Canada in 2015.Your Commissioner, has therefore been appointed as the new Treasurer for CASSOC. This is quite the honour for us at Clan Logan. I will work side by side with people I have known for many  years.


Our CASSOC board members are the cream of the crop of our Scottish community in Canada. We have a team of very talented, very experienced people that make a very notable difference in our country because they really do care about Scottish culture. They are shining examples of what we have in our Scottish communities that inspire us to do more. Being on the CASSOC board will allow our Clan to build stronger ties with various organizations across our country
and will also give CASSOC the tools needed, for the first time, to reach out to new potential members within the French Community in Canada that are of Scottish descent. I also hope to promote CASSOC and bring together new organizations from Quebec to bring on their own diversity. Our Clan has been a member of CASSOC for many years now and I am grateful and humbled to  have been offered this opportunity to give the Best of Clan Logan to all Clans and organizations.

meeting 2020 screen.png

Steven Logan, Commissioner of Clan Logan and Treasurer with the CASSOC team.

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The Clan Logan Society of Canada is based in Verdun, Quebec. It was founded by Steven Logan, Clan Logan Commissioner in 2016. We want to reunite all the Logans across the country and also find our Scottish Clan Chief.

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