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  Quebec Thistle Awards 2019


Clan Logan attended the Quebec Thistle Awards on April 13th, 2019 at the BlackWatch armoury on Bleury street in Montreal. It was a day that honoured Scots that made a difference and made a contribution to Scottish culture.


We cheered for the winners, ate some great haggis and saw some nice Scottish Highland dancing. Although Clan Logan did not win a prize this year, we were nominated for Scottish activities. Clan Logan attended with members Laurent Audar and Josée Filiatrault who actively promoted our clan at this venue.


This year, our Clan managed to get much attention because a painting was produced by Steven Logan for the event and featured on the cover of the booklet given to all guests. The painting was to celebrate the Scots in Montreal. It was the representation of the statue of Robert Burns in Dorchester Square in Montreal on a background of Montreal tartan. This painting will be in the silent auction at the Saint-Andrew's Ball on December 1st,2019. 

As the event began, we were pleasantly surprised. During the opening remarks, the painting I had produced was mentioned and I received thanks for my implication with Clan Logan in Montreal and within the Scottish community here from the Thistle Committee. I stood up and received a round of applause. We were acknowledged in Montreal. We would like to thank the Quebec Thistle Committee and the Saint Andrew’s society of Montreal for this event and their support of Clan Logan.


Thistle awards

Brian MacKenzie winner of Scotsman of the year poses with Steven Logan


'' Burns'' by Steven Logan was put on display at the Thistle Awards

Clan Logan has gained many recognitions through the years. We are an award winning  Scottish Clan!

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