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Clan Logan's #clanloganchallenge

Many members attended, including your Commissioner, Steven Logan.

In the month of March, the Covid-19 virus appeared. This has been devasting as you all know and many people started to get sick. As soon as it arrived, everything changed. We had many events scheduled throughout the year but sadly everything came to a halt. This was an especially difficult situation to handle for your Canadian Commissioner because with events not happening, how do we  maintain our visibility? With time on our hands, we had to think about how to continue until the  situation improves. As you all know, when you can't gather, participate in any events or see people, 
what can we possibly do?



Your canadian Vice President, Laurent Audar came up with the idea of doing the #clanloganchallenge. We thought that in these difficult times, it would be good to offer a forum  for people to share their Scottish traditions and tell us what they are doing at home. We asked if people could do a short video of them playing bagpipes or sharing a Scottish recipe etc. We asked people to use  the hashtag clanloganchallenge and upload their videos to Facebook to cheer people up. I did a short video telling people what I liked to do at home, using my potato chips with my canned haggis (we use what we can get when times are tough!).The purpose being that we want to show that people could talk about anything that makes them happy in rough times. promoting #clanloganchallenge was done on Facebook and twitter.

Although I believed in this venture, that good and fun could come out of it, no one even cared to try or 
participate to our great disappointment. I was really hoping that our local community could come together to do 
something positive. It was probably too early for such an initiative. The funny part of this was that weeks  after, people seemed to have a very similar idea to mine and launched their own initiatives that were successful like bagpipers who decided to post their piping videos, friends of friends doing things and so on.


When I feel like I failed at something or that people don't care, I get very upset and hits me right in my
pride...but I know that I at least tried to do something meaningful, I made an effort to promote Clan visibility which is more than some. I know that I care about making a difference for what I believe in. When the Logan knights
accompanied Sir James Douglas to bring the heart of Robert the Bruce to the Holy land, they believed they would
make it but they didn't...but to this day, we remembered they tried and these fine people still made history. I 
would rather fail than not try at all and that is the very essence of what makes us successful as people. I keep my head up high and say ''Hoc majorum Virtus'' This is the valour of my ancestors. I hope to make my ancestors and clan proud despite all my failures and shortcomings and I plan on persisting and continuing to serve with Clan Logan in my heart.

Steven Logan

Clan Logan Commissioner of Canada

Clan Logan rainbow
Clan Logan encouraged people to put this in their window to help them keep the faith in these hard times. ca va bien aller means "It will be alright".
Steven Logan clan Logan Challenge
This is me asking people to participate in helping us all keep the faith and post videos using #clanloganchallenge.
Steven Logan Clan Logan Commissioner of canada #clanloganchallenge
In these difficult time, we must stay positive!

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The Clan Logan Society of Canada is based in Verdun, Quebec. It was founded by Steven Logan, Clan Logan Commissioner in 2016. We want to reunite all the Logans across the country and also find our Scottish Clan Chief.

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