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Remembrance day event

This year, due to covid, it has been very difficult to take part in Montreal's Remembrance day. There is usually a parade in downtown Montreal with a big official ceremony that Clan Logan attends but this time, everything was very controlled as many of our veterans are elderly. There was a ceremony held in front of Verdun's 
city Hall at the Monument of the Brave but only a very select few could attend.


We were there in spirit and we did participate in our moment of silence to honour the fallen. Clan Logan had to improvise and see how else we could participate this year. Although we didn't attend any ceremony, We did have plans to participate in the Legion's poppy campaign. Rules and regulations prevented us doing so at the last minute to our great frustration. We sadly didn't have enough members at that time to get that project going. We hope to be able to do so next year.


We did go to our Legion Branch 4 in Verdun to show our support for the cause. We also got a fundraiser going. For a small donation of 3$ ,  people could get a postcard showcasing my painting ''Armed Forces'' that was presented  to Hercule Gosselin of the Canadian Armed forces in July 2017. At the time, it was Clan
Logan's way of thanking our military for their contribution. We managed to accumulate a modest 100$ from this first fundraiser of ours done through gofundme given to the Canadian Legion's poppy campaign. Work has also been done on a brand new painting for the Legion that may be part of a bigger project to raise funds in the future. We can proudly say that we have despite all the difficulties, contributed in our own way. Hoc majorum Virtus! This is the valour of my ancestors!


Clan Logan The canadian legion Sterling Downey
Steven Logan visits the Canadian legion to show Clan Logan's support.

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