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2020 Levee Day

Right before the New Year's celebrations, Clan Logan received an invitation from Le Régiment de Maisonneuve for the “Levée de Mess” event. This tradition, called “Levee Day” in English, is held the first day of the New Year. Many military units in the Montreal region open their doors to allow their members of all ranks, active or retired to get together and wish each other greetings for the New Year, while also having a toast with their respective regimental drink, to the health of their Regiments. 

We decided to go and see our Régiment de Maisonneuve because although we are quite present with our Black Watch regiment, we haven't had much of an opportunity to support Le Régiment De Maisonneuve that we appreciate equally. The last time we met with members of this Regiment it was, if you remember at the Battle of the Scheldt Dinner, where we enjoyed a very impressive event that made us all proud. This event was presided by Her Excellency Julie Payette, CC, CMM, COM, CQ, CD, DStJ, Governor General of Canada wich Clan Logan got to meet on that occasion. 

At this Levee, we had a Calvados and managed to speak with many members such as Master-Corporal Hughes and Sargent Soldevilla. We had the privilege and honour to discuss with Capt Patrick Barriault, recruiting officer, who very generously gave his time to talk to us. He thanked Clan Logan for its ongoing support. We are so pleased to be able to count on Le Regiment de Maisonneuve, they make such a difference in our country. We then moved to the Black Watch Regiment who also opened its doors on that specific day. Clan Logan also briefly visited there meeting up with William Hinse, Chantale Ménard and Lt.Col Bruno Plourde. We were so pleased to visit and thank all these fine individuals who make a difference, daily and contribute to the civil effort by among  other things, assisting when there are floods. Words cannot express how grateful we are to these honourable people who help civilians who are in serious need of assistance. We are very pleased with what 2019 offered and want to build stronger ties in 2020 with our regiments and Scottish  community. We owe a debt of gratitude to these regiments who help make Canada great and make us proud to be Canadian. We hope to be able to be of more support at various other events. 

Regiment De Maisonneuve
Many came to the Regiment de Maisonneuve levee.
R/giment de Maisonneuve Levee 2020
Master- Caporal  Hughes, Steven Logan and Sargent Soldevilla
Capt.Patrick Barriault  Regiment De Maisonneuve steven Logan Clan Logan
Steven Logan poses with capt.Patrick Barriault

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