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The Scottish society of Ottawa mini-golf tournament

By: Patrick Dionne-Kuno, Clan Logan Representative of Ontario

On august 27, 2020, the Scottish society of Ottawa hosted their first mini-golf tournament. 
The event was attended by over 40 people, with guests from the Ottawa Caledonia Pipe Band and also the Cameron Highlanders. 
The night started at 6 pm, guests arrived to register for the event. Everyone came to the event wearing their kilt, because of the unpredictable weather that day, some people came in a polo shirt and others came more dressed up with a tie and jacket. Golfers were put into teams of 5 in order to properly social distance with the rest of the golfers. Before the game started everyone received sheets with trivia related to both Scotland and the game of golf in which we had to answer, it wasn't what I expected to happen at the event. Once at 7, the game officially started, a lone piper from the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa played some tunes to help us get in the spirit of things. The game consisted of the standard 18 holes and everyone was given a predetermined hole to start playing which for those of you that golf, this is called a shotgun tournament. While playing the game, a lot of friendly rivalries were made, making the sport all the more exciting. Afterwards, players met in the lobby to chat with old friends that we haven't seen since the pandemic started in mid-march. The hosts then congratulated everyone for coming that day, and announced the winners of the evening: one for the trivia and one for the game of golf itself. All and all, it was a well deserved break from the harsh reality of covid.

Patrick Dionne-Kuno Clan Logan Representative of Ontario
Getting ready to go play mini Golf!
group players.png
Many players came from all over Ottawa!
Clan Logan Caledonia pipe band
Here with the Ottawa Caledonia Pipe band and cameron Highlanders.

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