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Honorary Colonel's Dine-In


The Honorary Colonel's Dining-in was held on Friday the 3rd of may, 2019 at the Black Watch Armoury on Bleury street in Montreal. Clan Logan received an exclusive
invitation to attend this traditional event hosted by The Black Watch Officer's Mess. It provides past and present serving officers the opportunity to come together with invited guests. Dining-in nights are not Mess dinners, but are formal dinners that may be mixed, and are held regularly as part of Canadian Armed Forces and Regimental customs and traditions.

For many years, the Honorary Colonel of The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada has held an Annual Mixed Dining-In, providing members of the Regimental family and select members of the community an opportunity to renew acquaintances and or mark important events or achievements. There was cocktail followed by a traditional meal.

Clan Logan had the opportunity to meet up with old friends and acquaintances and spend time with the Black Watch Women's Division. We were able to share and discuss many ideas and projects that will happen in the future. How to recruit new members, what activities could be considered as good fundraisers, how Clan Logan can do more and go further in Montreal and Canada within the Scottish community were topics discussed. We enjoyed a great evening of bagpipes and Scottish dance. We would like to thank the Royal Black Watch of Canada for such a fantastic evening that paid tribute to tradition and culture.



Steven Logan with the Black Watch Women's Devision


Colonel Bruno Plourde speaks to guests.

Clan Logan has gained many recognitions through the years. We are an award winning  Scottish Clan!

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