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Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games 2021

Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games 2021

 This year, the Fergus Scottish festival and Highland Games went virtual. The event was held from the 12th to the 15th of August and offered a wide selection of things to see and experience from the comfort of our own homes. Visitors only have to go to their website to see what the excitement is all about.

 A few months previous, Clan Logan received a request from these games to offer some sort of video that could be included for their Clans section. We knew that they thought they'd get a sort of promotional video talking about Clan Logan heritage, history and so on, as we would do when we host. I wanted to offer something a little different and refreshing that would celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Fergus Scottish festival and Highland Games. 

The idea was the following: why not have our different members raise a glass to the Fergus games? Why not make it a real party with confetti, streamers and fun showing that our Clan is actively participating in their event? We were really pleased with the members who answered our request. We ended up with more videos than we could use! We had members and supporters from Montreal, Quebec, Manitoba, Nova Scotia
and even a few of our US Logans participate in the initiative. President james C.Logan participated, Kevin Logan the Vice-President and all of us at Clan Logan. Patrick Dionne-Kuno raised his glass and I concluded with a short greeting in both official languages of Canada. Our video was a huge hit with the President of the games, Dave Radley, wrote to us to thank us for the thought put into it.

As we celebrated with the Fergus Scottish Highland games, we clicked from one video to the next. We saw the Hearth Lighting that made us very emotional as we remember the fun in doing that in years past. We watched ''Tartan Kiss of Fergus' by David Leask and were unexpectedly surprised to see that in some of the footage used, we could clearly see Clan Logan going to light the Hearth with the other Clans. We could be seen on a few occasions. In those moments, we could only feel extremely blessed to have such good friends in Fergus who genuinely care for Clan Logan and all Clans in general. Let's remember that back in 2017, Clan Logan won best Clan at these games on 
it's very first visit, only 2 years after being founded in Canada. 

We are currently looking at plans for 2022 to be back at these amazing games. We will have new displays to offer visitors and new surprises! Let’s make our return special! We would like to warmly thank the Fergus Scottish festival and Highland Games for always making us proud of who we are as Scots and making us feel valued. We will be back real soon!

Steven Logan Clan Logan Commissioner of Canada
 Steven Logan celebrates with the Fergus Games.
The Fergus Scottish Festival website always impresses.
Clan Logan representative of Ontario
Clan Logan Fergus
Patrick Dionne-Kuno, representative of Ontario Raises his glass.
Clan Logan is seen in David Leask's video .

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