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François Choquette Clan Logan

Each year, in Drumondville Quebec Canada, is held a celebration that unites all countries from all over the world. The purpose of the Drummondville Cultural Diversity festival is to share traditions, awareness of culture and display the various flags and attire relating to different countries. On May 25th, 2019, Clan Logan was at this festival and represented Scotland proudly   among the three other clans present( Lindsay, MacLeod and MacNicol).We are very pleased
to meet up with these other clans and solidify our friendship. Clan Logan members Josée and Krystelle assisted with our tent set up all day and Yanice Artigny helped with display elements and support. Laurent audar wearing his Logan Modern kilt assisted with greeting people and sharing Clan Logan's history and traditions. He is a fine, devoted representative of our Clan who is on board for the long term.


Each year, this festival attracts many people curious to know more about Scotland.The Federal councilor for Drummondville François Choquette came with his wife to attend the event. We are always impressed with these people who are just learning about our Clan. This year, we participated in signing an important document for Clan MacLeod. In the document, Clan Logan witnesses the rules of Chieftain succession of the Macleod of saguenay for the next generation of MacLeods here. This document is in the Clan MacLeod archives and will act as a reminder of our implication with other Scottish Clans. We will soon have our own copy of the document for consultation among our members.


This year, Clan Logan was chosen as the official representative of Scotland to participate in the cultural attire parade. Due to rain, this did not occur. We had a great event and would like to thank everyone at the Cultural Diversity festival for inviting us.


Clan Logan
clan Logan paper

Laurent Audar hosts the Clan Logan tent.

Clan Logan representative of Scotland.

Clan Logan has gained many recognitions through the years. We are an award winning  Scottish Clan!

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The Clan Logan Society of Canada is based in Verdun, Quebec. It was founded by Steven Logan, Clan Logan Commissioner in 2016. We want to reunite all the Logans across the country and also find our Scottish Clan Chief.

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