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Logan DNA Project

Knowing more about our ancestors is one of our goals at clan Logan. This is why on May 1st, The clan Logan Society International held it's first zoom meeting hosted by Jim Logan about the Logan DNA project at familytree DNA. Many people attended this event including our representative for Ontario, Patrick-Dionne Kuno.

The Logan DNA Project provides support to the members of the Pre1800Logans group in the mission of identification of the “older” lines of the Logan surname, the development of family profiles for these families, and the discovery of relationships between these families. This discussion group operates through the mail list and web site at .Details of  the families and their DNA relationships are also provide in the files section of that web site. This important project currently has 379 members.

Stephanie Logan Falls created a Pre1800Logans email list to discuss the "older" lines of the Logan surname. As 1800 is a common place to hit brick walls it made sense to delineate the lines at 1800.  The hope was, and is, to identify and document the Logan lines known at 1800 with the purpose of shortening the work for other researchers using a process of elimination. The archives are open to the public. Files of family profiles, census abstracts, and various kinds of reports are available to members. It all began by organizing a census project, for both 1790 and 1800. We asked list members to "claim" their  families from those documents. In the course of this project, simple cross-references to census records evolved into complete family profiles.

There are 4 goals established by the Logan DNA project. To determine where folks would fit within various Logan genetic lines. Secondly, to compare the various DOCUMENTED lines and establish as many different Logan lineages as possible. To separate Scottish, Irish, English, etc. Logan lines and finally, To differentiate between Highland Logans, Lowland Logans, and Scot-Irish Logans.

Jim Logan gave us a well thought out presentation that explained what DNA could tell us about ourselves based on our very own DNA given to determine who our ancestors and relatives may be.After this presentation, We did some conversation time and even had a toast. The numerous participants who attended had many questions about the project linked to their family history which led to many interesting exchanges. Clan Logan wishes to thank Jim Logan for offering us a very good zoom event that all the participants greatly appreciated.

The Clan Logan Society of Canada

Logan, East Ayrshire, Scotland

James C.Logan president of the Clan Logan Society International
James C.Logan raises his glass and proposes a toast.
Patrick Dionne-Kuno Clan Logan representative of Ontario
Patrick Dionne-Kuno, our representative
for Ontario attended the event.
Kevin Logan Clan Logan Society International Vice-President
Vice-President of the Clan Logan Society International, Kevin Logan
attends the Logan DNA Zoom meeting with great anticipation.

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