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Logan news

Scottish Clans, Fergus

Fifty-seven Clans attended the Fergus Festival and Highland Games from August 8th to 12th, 2019.
 Clan Logan attended once again and participated actively. On August 8th, Lord Lyon led the
Hearth Lighting ceremony with the Clans who followed. We were mentioned among the other Clans.
On the following day, we hosted near the reenactors, between Clan bell and Clan Cunningham.
We had so many visitors our heads were spinning. There was a parade for the Clans at noon and
Clan Logan marched proudly on the field. we got many opportunities to mingle with the Lord Lyon
who visited our Clan tent and spent time with us. We also met up with Steven MacTavish of
Dunardry, 27th Chief of Clan MacTavish. Clan Carruthers came to visit us and we have a good feeling we just might see them at our Montreal Highland Games next year! We saw many other Clans such as Keith, Irvine, Kincaid Macaulay and so many others. On Saturday evening, Clan Logan was at a clans Dinner with Lord Lyon at the breadalbane Inn in Fergus. We enjoyed a good meal sitting next to Clan Young and spoke of various topics including Clan affairs. We hosted tartan Ted  for a few games and brought him right back to Clan Macaulay..our favourite teddy bear is on his way back to Scotland!
We continued to host on Sunday and enjoyed the day. It was a very special Highland games this year with so many Clans, something very hard to forget!

Fergus festival and Highland Games 2019

Clan Logan, Fergus, 201

Lord Lyon visits us at the games!

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