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Montreal Highland Games 2022

Montreal Highland Games 2022
by Steven Logan

Montreal Highland Games Knights 2022

July 31st, 2022 was a very busy Montreal Highland games. Not only was I hosting the Clan Logan
tent with Vice-President Laurent but acted as Clans and Communities Director! It was a very nice hot and sunny day. I was extremely pleased with all the non profit organizations that came and this year, I could boast a total of 8 Clans, that is one more than in 2019 despite the pandemic 
and other factors.

The day went very well, I helped the Clans participate in the opening ceremonies, did a Clans
presentation followed by a Clans parade. It was nice to have Clan Gregor and Sylvie and William, chairman of CASSOC with us. I was also able to renew my ties to the other Clans in the process. We had Clan Lindsay, Clan Gregor, Clan Mackenzie, Clan Logan, Clan Hay, Clan Macpherson, Clan MacNicol and Fraser. The Highland games committee chose Clan Fraser as Best Clan and Clan MacNicol as 2022 chieftain of The Montreal Highland games.

Our Clan was represented by myself and Clan Logan Vice-President Laurent Audar who did a tremendous job setup up the Logan tent, hosting and packing afterwards. I consider myself very lucky to have Laurent who is so involved and really is doing a great job for the Clan. This year, Patrick our Representative of Ontario was to meet up with us but could not dues to unforeseeable  circumstances.

Many familiar faces came back to these games after a long pandemic where everything stopped.
Clan Logan members Krista-Lee and Justin came back to encourage us and enjoy everything the games had to offer, the bagpiping, sports and culture. Clan Logan got many visitors this year. We seem to be interesting more and more people and we are gaining in popularity.

These games attracted around seven thousand people on the Douglas grounds and were a huge hit. I have received a warm thank you from Scott Mackenzie, President at these games and even a Clans request for the following year from Guthrie Stewart,President of the Montreal Saint Andrew's Society. Our implication within the Scottish Community here is getting noticed as many came to thank me for a job well done, it be the Clans themselves, visitors, non profits and organizers.

Next year should be very interesting and promising because I have more Clans who are willing to attend. Hopefully, many others will chose to come to our games also despite hosting for 2 days in Maxville. I have a lot of work to do for my Clans but you can always count on my very best service, help and support. My dear Clans, if you decide to come by the Montreal Highland Games, you shall always be warmly welcomed and taken care of as I act as Clans and Communities Director. I look forward to building bridges, strong bonds and
relationships through the years.

Laurent Audar Clan Logan
Montreal Highland Games 2022  Scottish Clans
Clan Logan Montreal Highland Games 2022
Montreal Highland Games Clans 2022 Clan Logan

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