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Clan Logan Maxville Ontario Highland Games 2022

Maxville Glengarry Games 2022
by Steven Logan

clan Logan maxville Glengarry Games 2022

 On Saturday, July 30th, 2022, Clan Logan went back to attend and host at The Maxville Glengarry Games in Ontario. This event was one the organizers were looking forward to for the longest time.

It goes without saying that we had been asked earlier in the year if we would be back. Clan Logan has built a steady reputation through the years of attending certain events.

 We were back in building 2 this year. Vice-President Laurent Audar came and hosted and helped all the way through the event. Patrick, our representative of Ontario was to attend but had to change plans at the last minute. This year, there were many people due to long COVID-19 years with no activity.

We clearly felt that people needed to be out, have fun and participate actively. I was extremely pleased to be welcomed back by Clans Coordinator William Hinse-MacCulloch to these fantastic games that have always been good to us. These games felt different compared to the last we did back in 2019. There were a lot more people and.. more Logans!!Clan Logan benefited from a lot of visibility as we participated in the Clans Parade,  received public acknowledgement and were seen by all the Logans that afterwards came to visit us.


We handed out numerous business cards and membership forms to many Logans and Logan families that were proudly wearing their Logan tartans! Clans came to see us, Clan MacPhie was opposite us and we managed to spend time with Gary MacPhie that we last saw when we did the Moncton New Brunswick games last June! We seem to be making steady gains in terms of repute and participation within the Scottish Community in Ontario as Erin from the National capital Highland games in Ottawa came to visit us hoping to bring us back
to their games in years to come since we are visible in many other places across Canada. This is something we will look into as the years progress.


To be visible at any Highland Games requires timing and vacation time, various ressources, financial or otherwise and organization. It also requires having the help needed to host of the given dates of an event that are often some distance away. I firmly recommend all Highland Games to invest in Clans to attract them and offer interesting incentives, it be by giving them free parking, a offered tent installation with tables and chairs is a HUGE bonus,a free lunch is appreciated or anything to help them out. I try nonetheless to participate in as many games as I can for Clan Logan's visibility with great pride.

Among the various visitors we got this year, many were from Clan MacLennan. It's always very nice to see our tartan being used. It was first recorded in 1831 by historian James Logan in his book, The Scottish Gaël. Clan Logan's participation was very much so appreciated by The Maxville Glengarry games and attracted young people interested in heritage and Scottish traditions.

Clan Logan Maxville glengarry games 2022
Clan Logan Maxivlle Glengarry games 2022

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