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CASSOC Tartan Event 2022

by Steven Logan

Each year, Clan Logan celebrates tartan day which is April 6th. It's a celebration of Scottish heritage, tradition and culture. We chose to join CASSOC for what was planned on Sunday April 3rd, 2022.

Many people attended including our very own Patrick Dionne-Kuno, our
representative of Ontario. 
It was a lovely event hosted by the chair, William Petrie.We had a very nice presentation done from Robert, one of the Scottish Studies bursary beneficiaries who spoke passionately about his research. The event also offered a kilt presentation, music, Rory sinclair on the pipes as well  as a very interesting tartan challenge hosted by Emily Redman of 
ScotlandShop, my very own interviewer for when Clan Logan was ScotlandShop's Clan of the month of August 2021.

The tartan challenge was to optionally propose a new tartan for Clans and Scottish Societies of Canada. Attendees were put in little groups in break-out rooms to choose the best colours. Emily then assisted each group towards creating the tartan using a tartan generator, made modifications until each one was just right. There were 4 tartans created. A proposition 
will be made to choose the best one that suits the needs of the organization. 
The tartan chosen must reflect what Clans and Scottish communities is all about, that link that brings our Scottish communities together as a whole across Canada and that promotes Scottish cultural heritage in every way and that makes us proud of our roots and ancestry. Once a final decision is made and accepted by board and members alike, Emily Redman will then register it
with the Scottish tartans authority on behalf of CASSOC. It will be a tartan we can all use irrelevant of our Clan affiliations or if we don't have one for the purpose of representing our vast Scottish Canadian heritage.

We concluded the event with a toast that I proposed in both English and French to attendees who had a very enjoyable Sunday afternoon. I felt it was important to thank everyone for attending and participating as we are building a collective history together for future Scottish Canadian generations. I was moved seeing how we came together for such an important purpose, different people active in different Scottish settings.Long live Clans and Scottish Societies of Canada!

Emily Redman ScotlandShop

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