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Montreal City Tour and Saint-Patrick's parade 2022
by Patrick Dionne-Kuno

On March 2nd, Steven Logan contacted me to announce that the Irish Society of Montreal 
has decided to hold their St. Patrick's Day Parade. When Steven told me that we were able
to participate and invited me to attend, I immediately accepted his offer and bought my train tickets.

When I arrived at Montreal’s Central Station the following Friday, I was warmly greeted by Steven Logan before heading in the subway to return back to his place. On Sunday, Steven offered me a full course breakfast and afterwards, we headed for the ''Petit shack''
sugar shack event held on the Wellington promenade in verdun. After arriving on the premises, Steven offered me a taffy on the snow, a real treat, something I don't get too often here in Ontario!


The event sold maple butter and pure maple syrup products.There were people everywhere. I was impressed as I saw an over 6 foot tall lumberjack with a log on his shoulder! There was also some music and entertainment on site. We then we went around Montreal, visited the Chinese neighborhood, Old Montreal, the underground shopping centers but my favorite place above all was the Black Watch armory! We then had the St. Patrick's Day Parade on Sunday, which started at 9:30am, the event took place along St. Catherine's street and then ended at 
St.Patrick's Cathedral just in time for the annual noon mass. We then we around the downtown area and were greeted by many people who wanted pictures.

Overall, I'm glad I got to spend my time in Montreal with Steven and see the beauty of Montreal and its citizens as well as participate in a long overdue event!


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