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Steven Logan, Clan Logan
George tate, Cmapbell Oliver, Steven Logan

Montreal Saint-Andrew's Fish and Chips event
by Steven Logan

On Thursday, September 22nd, 2022, the Montreal Saint Andrew's Society held their
fish and chips event at a new venue, the Siboire Microbrewery in Saint Laurent. It was
a wonderful evening that allowed all members to come together and have a great meal of cod fish and chips with a glass of cold cider. So nice to meet up with old friends while making new ones.

When I arrived, I was surprised to see so many new faces. Membership to the saint Andrew's Society is growing and attracting new people of a younger demographic. I had the pleasure of promoting Clan Logan to a new audience, share about our heritage and history. As the evening progressed familiar faces started to arrive, people I have worked with while doing The Montreal Highland games. It was nice to feel included and part of the family so to speak. Conversation was light and easy going, something much appreciated when we have a difficult week with everyday life. When it all ended, we wished everyone a goodnight and left, looking forward to next year.


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