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A Great Whisky Among Friends

by Steven Logan

On Friday, October 14th, 2022, The Montreal saint Andrew's Society held their
first whisky event in 3 years since the pandemic started. Everyone was really pleased to
come back, socialize and sample different whiskies. This very popular event called A taste 
of Scotland came back with a bang as there were many new faces at the Black watch Armoury,
new members who decided to participate for the first time.

  It was very nice to see familiar faces. Jeff McCarthy was present and gave us a great 
Ode to a Haggis. There was also a bagpiper as well as a delicious buffet. We could eat some
salmon, sandwiches and of course, some Haggis with potatoes!!There were also very nice desserts like chocolate covered strawberries, cookies, scones and clotted cream with jam.. there was something to eat for the most difficult eater.

As the night progressed, we continued socializing and tasting various whiskies like the Glenlivet and Red bush, there were so many to choose from. When participating in a whisky tasting, I always recommend going slowly and randomly tasting the different ones of interest while talking with people and drinking some water now and again. Many had their paper and pen, ready write down and compare the different ones and share notes. Some people came with their cluster of friends for this event.

I had fun talking with Campbell Oliver who was at the wine table whom I have spent time with at the last Fish and Chips event in September. Scott MacKenzie was also present and took care of the raffle for the various prizes that were handed out. It was a very successful taste of Scotland event and everyone in the attendance had lot of fun while getting a little tipsy!!

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