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Montreal City Tour and Saint-Patrick's parade 2022
                            by Patrick Dionne-Kuno

On November 27th 2021 the RCMP hosted a Regimental dinner (black tie) at the Orleans Legionon Taylor creek drive in Ottawa. We decided to arrive early at 6 even if the dinner was at 7 because we wanted to take pictures before the sun set as well as a precaution in case any problems arise before being admitted to the event.


We arrived just in time to take a picture in front of the legion before the sunset. Once inside we  were surprised to see that not only the National Division(Ottawa) RCMP pipes and drums were there but also regular members of the force from both Ottawa and Montreal and 
also the Montreal RCMP pipes and drums. 
During the night there was a professional photographer from the RCMP who was hired to take pictures through out the night as well as set up a booth for couples photos.


Once done chatting with old friends as well as introducing my Girlfriend Melissa to everyone, we sat down to eat. As the night progressed, we were served a 5 course meal which included a garden salad, beef consommé, chicken cordon bleu, cheesecake but especially the best part…HAGGIS!!! When the haggis was served we were excited because you can’t serve haggis without the ODE TO THE HAGGIS.
That evening, guests were stealing other peoples name tags to write messages/dares that
that particular person had to do or say, one of the guests sang the Céline Dion song My Heart 
Will Go On from the movie Titanic. At the very end of the night the MC presented awards: one for longest serving member of the RCMP Pipe Band, one for most dedicated band members and so many more!

All and all, it was good to see everyone dressed up for the event. Hoping that 2022 will bring in 
more black tie events like this!

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