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Montreal Highland Ball 2019


On Friday November 22nd, 2019, Clan Logan attended the Montreal Saint Andrew's Ball. It was an incredible success on many levels. Clanswoman Isabelle Laflamme came for a night of fun, entertainment and glamour. Everyone at the event was very kind and greeted Clan Logan with much respect. This year, we were treated like old friends and a serious player among the other Scottish organizations in attendance.


We ate a very good 4 service menu that consisted among other things of the traditional Burns' Haggis with neeps and tatties and Greek yogurt cheesecake with Fife raspberries and had the best wines. There was Ballroom and Scottish Country dancing. This year, our Clan participated in the Silent auction for a second consecutive year and donated two works of art done by your Commissioner, both sold and helped gather the funds needed For the Douglas Hospital Institute. We were also mentioned as contributors in the booklet given to all guests, proof that Clan Logan hasn’t gone unnoticed. The first work of art was the painting that showcased the statue of our National Bard, Robert Burns(the one in Dorchester square Montreal)on Montreal 1642 tartan background. It was presented and featured on the guest's booklet at the 2019 Auld Alliance Quebec Thistle awards and got much interest at the Montreal Highland ball. It gathered so much interest that the Guest of Honour Himself, Peter McAuslan bid and won the Art. The second painting, a Scottish Kitty was won by Scott MacKenzie of the Montreal Saint Andrew's Society.



Clan Logan is making strides with the creation of Art that helps cement our Clan's implication within our community. These paintings are proof that our Clan is creating new Logan relics for other generations to be found. New tangible and real examples of us participating in history again. we thank the Montreal Saint Andrew's Society for a wonderful, unforgettable evening.

Clan Logan Highland Ball

The Guests at our table.

ClanLogan Steven Logan

Isabelle Laflamme poses with Steven Logan.

Burns painting silent auction

The Burns painting featured proudly at the event.


Scottish kitty painting at the event.

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