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Gatineau hot air ballon festival- labor day 2022 by Patrick Dionne-Kuno

On labor day 2022, the Ontario Branch of Clan Logan went to the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Gatineau QC! 


The day started off at 11 am. I  was greeted by security who checked bags and purses (including my sporran) to see if I was not bringing anything illegal into the grounds of the festival. Since I was only able to attend on monday as opposed to the full weekend, I decided to wear my lucky charms shirt as it wasn't just Labor Day but Kids Day as well at the festival.

What I didn't know upon arrival was that tickets had to be purchased online ahead of time and that once you have left the grounds it would constitute a forfeit of your ticket, luckily they had internet and tickets were still available to purches. As I entered, the first thing that caught my eyes were the rows of fast food trucks avalible for me to choose from, there were hamburgers and hotdogs all the way to ice cream and beavertails. After getting some lunch, I went and explored everything to see and do at the festival. They had carnival rides, bingo and stage shows. I was angry to find out that my ticket did not include any of these ammenades. I would have liked to go on the carnival rides but because they were mostly faris wheel style rides and since I was wearing my kilt, I decided against it so I wouldn't flash anybody as I would be so high up and fast in the air. The more I walked the more I found statues resembling the mascot of the festival as well as art. I'm glad I didn't go to any of the rides, since lines were forming all the way from the front entrance to the back where the rides were being held. The festival did not have any tables or seats to sit on and this included the stage area so it was recommended to bring one with you.


To conclued, I should have read the website and familiarized myself with the ins and outs of the festival. Next year I will be much more prepared!.


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