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The Glengerry Cup 2022

On September 24th, Clan Logan was seen at the Glengarry Cup at the Army Officers Mess of Ottawa


the even started at 7, as we arrived me and melissa were greeted by two ticketers who verified are online tickets. We then moved on to the dinning room of the mess were the event took place. we took the opportunity to tour the building sice the organizers did not finish preparing. the house on witch the mess was located was the house of every general of the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa since its foundation and was also the home of Jon By the founder of Ottawa. At 8 the competition began, we watched over 12 deferent musicians' compete including: Ian K. MacDonald, Andrea Boyd ,Daniel Carr, Jacob Dicker, Tyler Bridge, Aidan Bowen, Amy Garson, Tyler Harris, Kate Kimove, Liam Melville, MacGregor van de Ven and Dylan Whittemore. the winner for 2022 was Ian K. MacDonald. The judge was Michel Grey prsident of the 
PPBSO. Once the compition was done at 10, Michel played a concert wich lasted the finnal 2h. 

we loved being able to watch the competition, it was also a oppertunity to chat with players and bands from every level. I was able to join the RCAF pipe band as a result. it was the best 10$ spent!

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