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Scottish landscape
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Clan Logan Society 

One Name- One history- One Heritage

We want to bring all Logans of Scottish descent and their friends from all over Canada together.


- Get our legal and noble status back
   in Scotland by finding our Scottish
   Clan Chief!

  - Keep Logan history, traditions and
    heritage alive.

- Promote the use of our Logan tartans
   at various functions and events.

- Help our children to know the
  importance of their ancestry,
  be proud of the past while looking    
  forward the future of their Scottish

- Help preserve and restore the relics
  linked to our Scottish Clan for future

Clan Logan Illustration

Illustration taken from R.R McIan's
'' The Clans''.

Simply click the thumbnail to see a bigger picture.

A few pictures

clan Logan in Fergus Ontario
furze or Gorse, Scottish plant
Lochend castle
map of scotland

Clan Logan at the hearth lighting ceremony in Fergus.

Clan Logan's plant badge: Furze.

Restalric Castle: Seat of the Lowland

Drumderfit : Seat of the Highland Logans.

Latest news and events

A new Lion is born!


We have the pleasure to announce that on March 21st, 2024, Our Commissioner Steven Logan has officially joined the Central Montreal Lions club! By joining this service organization, Clan Logan is getting more visibility on an international level as Steven is now part of the 1 million 400 thousand members all over the world!

We look forward to helping make the world a kinder place in the hope we can find other Logans willing to join us! We also want to congratulate Lion Gilbert St-Onge on his 50 years of service to the Lions!

Lions club 50 year Gilbert St-Onge
Steven Logan Clan Logan Central Montral Lions Club

Associated names to Clan Logan:
Lagan, Laggan, Loban, Lobban, Loben, Logane, Logan, Logen, Logg, Loggan. Loggane, Loggans, Loggins, Loghane, Loghyn, Login, Logyn, lopan, Lowgan, Lyndon.

When you join us, you get to..

learning illustration

Know more about your Clan.

arrow up illustration

Stay Updated
Know more about what's happening.

coffee cup illustration

Find other Logans and socialize.

hand raised illustration

Find out about special events and take part.

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