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Some history of Clan Logan

Battle of Teba

In 1330 brothers Sir Robert Logan and Sir Walter Logan, both sons of Dominus Walter Logan; along with Sir William de Keith, Sir William de St. Clair of Rosslyn; accompanied Sir James Douglas in his quest to take the heart of the dead King Robert I of Scotland to the Holy land. Douglas and his company had joined Alfonso XI of Castile, who was campaigning against the Moors, in the Kingdom of Granada. Alfonso's army laid siege to the castle of Teba. During the fighting Sir James Douglas and most of his men were killed, According to the poet John Barbour, Sir Robert Logan and Sir Walter Logan were among the dead.

The leading Logan family's principal seat was in Lestalrig or Restalrig, near Edinburgh.

heart robert The Bruce- Melrose Abbey

Final resting place of Robert the Bruce's heart, Melrose Abbey.

Heart of King Robert the Bruce

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