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Réunion en direct de la Black Watch Veteran's Association

''A guy in the woods''

an Introduction to Brionne Logan

Hello from Shilo, Manitoba! It's a far distance from my ancestral home of Nova Scotia, but here I am as Clan Logan's Manitoba rep. 
I've been interested in our Clan ever since I was wee lad back in NS listening to my father play his pipes and talk about the first member of our clan arriving in Port North, N.S ( present day Sheet Harbour) after being wounded during the American Revolution as a member of the 71st of foot( Fraser highlanders).
The stories of our shared heritage and the skirl of the pipes awakened a deep yearning to find and connect with other people who shared my pride in calling themselves Logans. What I have discovered,  while not as big as the other highland clans, We Logans hit the new world and spread like wildfire! So many threads of a common cloth!
With Covid restrictions lifting and the summer months approaching I hope to begin to raise our banner high and representing our proud Clan at piping  events and highland games that I can attend.
Hoc Majorum Virtus

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