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Bridgerton Experience
Clan Logan

The Bridgerton Experience
By Steven Logan

On June 25th, I decided to attend the Bridgerton Experience, an immersive experience set in
the English Regency period. Based on the series that airs on Netflix, this event allowed
us to visit the past, a nice escape from modern day trappings. It was a very different event from those I usually attend on behalf of Clan Logan. It is very important to break the routine and do those events that aren't really Scottish.

 There were many beautiful period decors and entertainers dressed in period costumes. I decided to make it a family affair and invited my niece Lynn caron(a distant Logan by blood!)to come and enjoy the night. Since I was to meet Queen Charlotte, I decided to dress up as if I were to meet the real Queen on behalf of Clan Logan. My nicest finery came out, the Montrose doublet, jabot and cuffs, custom Logan Modern kilt hose, luxury sporran and even the 18th century reenactor shoes to make the look more complete. I went in white tie attire despite the massive heatwave we got!


Lynn wore a nice dress with her Logan sash pleased to take part in the event. We got compliments from fellow attendees on our attire. I couldn't help but be extremely proud of my 
niece and the beautiful person she has become. I seldom get to do any events with her as we have lives that don't often meet up. This was the perfect opportunity to do an activity together.

As we entered with our VIP tickets, We took many pictures and gradually headed towards the bar and had a nice glass of prosecco together. Then Queen Charlotte came out, we curtsied and bowed as her majesty came in with her attendants. We then did photo ops and headed in the main room where the band in period costume were playing. There were acrobats doing their thing and people participating in line dancing. it would have been nice to do that with Lynn but there were too many people and no room on the main stage. That didn't stop us from
having fun and dancing at our end. As we were all having fun, the Queen charlotte came out and chose her jewel of the evening.


After, we continued to dance a little until the event ended. We had tons of fun together in a very different setting. Nice to create more family memories while promoting Clan Logan. We were the only couple dressed in Scottish attire and got noticed. Let our Clan get more attention
more often!!


Bridgerton Experience Montreal

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