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Volunteer Positions


If you would like to join us, we are currently looking for Clan Logan Representatives in each Canadian province except for  Manitoba, Ontario and Québec. These are volunteer positions that will allow you to demonstrate your pride in your Scottish origins while meeting new people while promoting your Clan.

- Represent Clan Logan dressed in Scottish attire using the various
  Logan tartans when appropriate.

- Would attend 1 event a year of more in their communities.
   It could be a parade, special event or host at one of the various
   Highland Games across our country to share traditions, heritage
   and ancestry with visitors. Active representatives are except of yearly dues
   to our organization.

- Representatives would have the opportunity to participate in our meetings to
  tell us what is happening in their province on the Scottish scene.

- One of the roles of a representative is to write an article, a
   paragraph long and add pictures that  are then published in Our
  Valour, Our Scottish Clan Magazine available to all members in
Canada and the USA!

- A good candidate would be proud of his-her heritage, would like
meeting and socializing with visitors in different contexts. Such
  a person would talk about our Clan, it's history and family ties to 

- Representatives help find members that will join in order to help us find our
  Scottish Chief so that we may become a legal and noble name again in Scotland.

- A person who likes outdoor activities would enjoy being a representative as there are
  always outdoor events like Highland Games that give you a chance to put up a tent 
  and enjoy quality time with family while meeting new people and sharing about
  your ancestry. Each experience is new and refreshing.

We are also actively looking for a Clan genealogist, clan piper available in the Montreal area, people to participate in parades and even a Clan priest!!!

Interested in joining us as representative or interested in a different position?

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